Aug 07, 2017

[Infographic] How to pitch AR projects to clients

It’s happened to all of us: you sit down for a brainstorming session with a client and everyone is really excited about using augmented reality at some point in the future. But how do you turn “at some point in the future” into right now?

Apr 21, 2017

8 things we learned from VRLA 2017

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to join our wonderful long term cardboard partner MR. CARDBOARD at their booth at VRLA 2017 in Los Angeles. We had been looking forward to showing off ZapBox to the AR/VR community for quite some time and hoped to observe an amplified version of 'The Zappar Rush' in the faces of some of its first users.

Feb 17, 2017

How brands are using AR at live events to leave a real impression

One of the most effective and creative ways brands have been using AR is by dispatching it at live events. By organizing events that prompt attendees to use AR, brands such as Coca-Cola, Accuray, and Accenture have been able to add an extra dimension (literally) to the experiences. Here’s how they did it. A blog by Steven Spong, Event Consultant, Zappar.







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