Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

The hero of the AR story is the mobile phone. With the advent of mobile things got interesting: AR could be used as this lens on the world on the most ubiquitous computer on the planet right there in people’s pockets.

What is Augmented Reality

Mixed Reality

Like AR, Mixed Reality adds simulated content to the world around you. Many use the term to refer to experiences where the computer-rendered content is tracked to the environment, and viewed in an immersive manner (think headset). Learn More

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality replaces the real world around you with completely computer-rendered content. Often VR is experienced using a headset that can track the movement of the viewer’s head to simulate an immersive 360-degree environment.

ZapWorks Studio

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Our goal at Zappar is to set AR free, allowing anyone from big multi-nationals to small Mom & Pop shops to make their own experiences at the best quality and most affordable price on the market.

We’re looking to put the creative tools in the hands of the people to see how they use and adopt it to deliver bite-size infotainment experiences in the world around them, connecting digital devices to physical things.

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