Top Augmented Reality Experiences 2023

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Explore our handpicked selection of top AR experiences for sports, retail, packaging, and more.

2023 has been another exciting year for the XR industry. From sports and entertainment to retail and education, we have seen augmented reality (AR) transforming how people interact with brands, products. This year we wanted to highlight some of the experiences we’ve loved.



Atlanta United - Virtual Kit Try-On

Objective: Revolutionise fan engagement for Atlanta United’s new kit launch.

How It Works: Through the Atlanta United mobile app, fans can virtually try on the new kit and have a kickabout with their very own avatar. The ‘shop now’ option allowed customers to go from trying on the kit to buying at the tap of a button

Why It’s Awesome: It’s more than just trying on a jersey; it’s about feeling part of the team. Plus, the seamless transition from trying to buying with a simple tap is a game-changer for retail.



Cobra Puma - Aerojet Golf

Objective: Enhance product understanding and drive sales for Cobra Puma’s Aerojet Golf clubs.

How It Works: In-store QR codes unlock a world of information, visualising the science that transformed the driver into what it has become, from jet to golf club providing key information right where customers need it most at the point of sale.

Why It’s Awesome: It’s like having a personal caddy who explains the tech in your golf club, aiding the customers buying decision at the point of sale.



Paramount Lunchables

Objective: Boost entertainment and sales during the Kid’s Choice Awards 2023.

How It Works: An accessible and compelling WebAR experience broadcast during the commercials at the Kid’s Choice Awards 2023. The experience enabled kids to create lunchables-themed creations from three blueprints, including a robot, drum kit and Spongebob Squarepants and assemble them in AR.

Why It’s Awesome: It turns snack time into playtime, with a personalised advertising experience and blends creativity with munchies for optimal social sharing.




Objective: To support the LEGO MYTHICA area in LEGOLAND Germany with magical AR experiences.

How It Works: Launched via the LEGOLAND app, guests could scan codes around the park to bring mythical LEGO creatures to life, from baby dragons to sea serpents.

Why It’s Awesome: Turning LEGO MYTHICA into a digital-physical playground creates an unforgettable adventure, encouraging extended engagement and creating viral promotional content.



Nestlé CPW Share Kindness

Objective: Spread positivity and increase brand awareness through social sharing.

How It Works: Customers can simply scan the code on pack and choose from a range of positive pictures to colour in and bring to life in the world around them. Social sharing users could also pick captions like ‘Best Buddies’ or ‘You are my sunshine’ and snap a pic to help share a little kindness.

Why It’s Awesome: It’s a heartwarming way to boost brand engagement, that creates memorable and novel experiences that encourage sharing and expand campaign reach.



Miniland Missions - LEGOLAND Windsor

Objective: Enhance the Miniland experience with interactive digital layers.
How It Works: Launched via the LEGOLAND app ‘Miniland Missions’ gives park visitors a chance to play mini-games relating to specific areas of Miniland. Each game comes with a new challenge to overcome and culminates in a digital reward and selfie photo feature.

Why It’s Awesome: It’s an epic mix of reality and imagination, that blends the physical and digital to add value to the visitor experience. 



Nestlé CPW Monopoly

Objective: To increase brand engagement and add additional value to packaging.

How It Works: By scanning the WebAR code on pack, customers can play the 'Monopoly Maths' AR quiz. Created to make maths fun, kids are taken through a series of Monopoly themed counting games hosted by everyone's favourite Mr Monopoly.

Why It’s Awesome: It turns breakfast into a fun, educational game incentivising customers to spend more time interacting with the product and, in turn, the brand.



Nestlé Thomy

Objective: Add fun to Thomy’s diner sauces with a gamified experience.

How It Works: Scanning the QR code on pack  brings an interactive layer to your meal, challenging users to an endless runner game, offering points and the  chance to win a trip to the USA.

Why It’s Awesome: It spices up mealtime and encourages brand engagement by offering a gamified experience and competition incentive.



Ignite2X, Zebra Pen - “Find Zen in your pen”

Objective: Promote Zebra Pen’s 40th anniversary sweepstake campaign.

How It Works: Activated via QR code on pack both in-store and at home, customers follow Zen tour guides to navigate their path to self-expression. Learn more about Zebra Pen products, put themselves in the Serengeti environment where they can grab/share a selfie with Zen and find out how to enter the sweepstake.

Why It’s Awesome: It’s a Zen escape in the palm of your hand, adding additional value to passive packaging and creating several engagement points with the brand.



Estée Lauder - Clinique Virtual Lab AR

Objective: Reward Clinique's travel retail audiences with an interactive experience.

How It Works: In-store QR codes unlock a chic, engaging AR lab experience aimed to entice and reward Cliniques travel retail audiences.

Why It’s Awesome: It’s a fusion of beauty and tech, offering a unique way to explore Clinique products in a way that avoids the gathering of crowds of people.



CGG International Women’s Day

Objective: Amplify International Women's Day awareness.

How It Works: Face-tracking technology-enabled staff to take part in the #EmbraceEquitywithCGG campaign with 3 themed selfies.

Why It’s Awesome: It’s a powerful way to engage and show solidarity for an important cause.



Razorfish, Busterwood - Kinder ‘Share a smile’

Objective: Celebrate customers with a personalised AR experience.

How It Works: Customers can scan and take photos of their little ones using one of the 5 face filters to send in for a chance to win big prizes and get a kinder chocolate pack with their child’s face on it.

Why It’s Awesome: It’s a delightful way to engage families, turning Kinder moments into lasting memories and forging a lasting connection with the brand.



Bitgeyser - Baggio Colorear

Objective: Drive customer engagement by adding an immersive and interactive element to packaging.

How It Works: By scanning the code customers can create an illustration for 3 different drinks and are encouraged to share their creations on social media. 

Why It’s Awesome: It turns a simple drink into a canvas of creativity that encourages social sharing and personalised brand connections.



Augmented Island Studios & William and Mary School of Business

Objective: Enhance the business school’s onboarding with AR.

How It Works: Acceptance letters come with an AR experience showcasing a day in the life of an MBA student.

Why It’s Awesome: It’s an innovative way to welcome students, giving them a glimpse of their future at a technology-forward school.



Virtual Method & LEGO DREAMZzz

Objective: Promote LEGO DREAMZzz with an immersive AR experience.

How It Works: By scanning the code fans can meet the LEGO DREAMZzz team and snap a photo before helping them fight the Nightmare King.

Why It’s Awesome: It’s a dreamy adventure that brings LEGO fantasies to life, right in your living room.


Closing Thoughts

2023 has been another year where we have seen augmented reality used to significantly impact business objectives across different industries. From trying on sports jerseys to interactive educational games, AR is proving to be a versatile and engaging tool. 

If you’re looking to drive more engagement across your marketing, product packaging, retail environments,  or internal communications, there’s never been a better time to start leveraging augmented reality. Get in touch to speak to one of our AR experts today.  

Stay tuned for even more next year! See you in 2024.