Zaphats US Election Edition

November 2012

Never has an election campaign or its candidates been more scrutinized in the full glare of the media.

In these media obsessed times there’s often a separation between the man and his politics, his words and his actions. Every facial expression is analysed and scrutinized by commentators and the public.

The Zappar Powered Election Special Zaphats take a light-hearted view at this cultural phenomenon allowing users to play the role of their favoured candidate by donning the cap and having a zap. To use the election-themed Zaphats, anyone can buy a hat through, put the cap on, download the free Zappar app and zap the hat to bring a hilarious 3D mask of their favorite presidential candidate to life with interactive facial expressions.

Users can then take photos and even record small video files wearing the mask to share with friends and family via email, Facebook and Twitter.

“These election hats are part of a great tradition of political lampooning using cutting edge technology. They’re a lot of fun. I defy anyone not to crack a smile once they put it on and give it a Zap.” – Kirk Ewing, Creative Director & Founder, Zappar.

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