Accuray Radixact: AR & MR Product Visualisation

December 2017

Increasing engagement and enabling product visualisation at events

This example is from the ESTRO 36 conference in Vienna where augmented reality was used to allow sales leads to take-away a 3D miniature version of Accuray’s Radixact product on an interactive postcard and also “see inside” the physical Radixact product using mixed reality.

For the first time, Accuray was able to display the interior components of its new technology whilst also saving on transport and production costs. Through the addition of interactive content made with Zapworks printed materials grabbed attention increasing dwell time, driving conversion and providing data capture opportunities.

“We have achieved an overwhelmingly positive response to the mixed reality technology from this year’s attendees at ESTRO, which demonstrates just how valuable this type of innovation is for the industry” - Birgit Fleurent, Chief Marketing Officer, Accuray