Introducing Zapworks Training

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Introducing Zapworks Training

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5 min read
Upskill in AR with our all-new Zapworks Training, designed to help your business and teams get the most out of AR. Our Customer Success Manager, Tom DeFraine, runs through how it came about, and what you can expect when you sign up.

For the last 10 years, Zappar has been at the forefront of augmented reality. We’ve learned a lot about how to create successful AR campaigns in that time. We’ve also learned, sometimes the hard way, what doesn’t work and why. 

We know that brands and businesses are looking to augmented reality to address some of their biggest challenges: engagement and onboarding for new employees; connected packaging that drives increased sales and immersive; and memorable brand experiences that last the test of time, just to name a few.

As AR becomes an increasingly mainstream media channel, we know these challenges are only going to grow - that’s why we’ve put pen to paper and fingers to keys to develop Zapworks Training, the most accessible and user-friendly augmented reality training course in the world.

Zapworks Training has been designed and developed in a way that we know will set up your organisation to succeed with AR. We’ve learnt over the years that not everyone has the same requirements and challenges - that’s why our training is designed to be flexible enough for all use-cases and businesses. 

Whether your focus is on marketing, learning and development, sales support, connected packaging, conferences and events or something else entirely, Zapworks Training will level up your company and change your team’s mindset when working with AR.

We worked with Johan Walters, Augmented Reality Producer at Digital Narrative, to produce this innovative 360-approach to digital learning. He had this to say: 

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with the Zappar team to design the new Zapworks Training product. We’ve designed interactive sessions where teams can formulate their AR strategy using our best practice frameworks.  It has a fresh approach to learning the necessary skills to successfully adopt AR.

What is it?

Delivered entirely remotely via Zoom, our engaging and collaborative sessions will mean you leave your Zapworks Training course equipped for success and ready to roll up your sleeves.

Our Full Training Path will equip your company with everything you need at a pace designed for maximum retention. We also have training paths focused more specifically on the technical and design aspects of AR respectively, for companies with slightly different requirements. 

As well as teaching you what to build, we also teach you how to build it. The Zapworks toolkit is accessible to everyone, and through a series of sessions on Zapworks Studio we build up your team’s technical skills and confidence in using the platform enabling you to develop image, world, and face-tracked experiences based on your company’s use-cases.

Our award-winning Learning and Support specialists will use their AR-expertise to guide you through hands-on projects. 

Zapworks user Stephen Houck, Learning and Instructional Designer at Holman Enterprises, had high praise for their training:

In addition to a great product, the team at Zappar has been wonderful to work with, from our initial contact through to today. In addition to being a great company to work with, I feel like I have made a few friends at Zappar.

How can I get involved?

Equipping your team for success with Zapworks Training couldn’t be easier - just head over to to kick start your training journey. We are looking forward to seeing you in front of the virtual whiteboard for your training session. 

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