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Why we’re making the web the home of AR, VR and WebXR content

Create immersive headset, smartphone and desktop experiences with our new WebXR support in both Designer and Mattercraft.

Exploring Open Brush on Zapbox with VR Rosie

To mark the launch of Open Brush on Zapbox we got creative with talented VR artist Rosie Summers.

Introducing Open Brush for Zapbox: Affordable Mixed Reality Art at Your Fingertips

Out now – Zapbox for Open Brush brings a new realm of possibilities for novice artists and experienced illustrators alike.

How to create WebXR experiences on Vision Pro - A Technical Deep Dive

We take a technical deep dive into Vision Pro’s support for WebXR.

Build immersive headset experiences with Mattercraft

Introducing support for immersive headset experiences development in Mattercraft for Meta Quest, Apple Vision Pro, Magic Leap and more.

Announcing Accessible QR codes in the Be Me Eyes app

We're excited to share that you can now scan and use Accessible QR codes within the Be My Eyes app

How to measure the success of your immersive learning

Explore the key strategies for measuring immersive learning success, focusing on KPIs, business outcomes, cost savings and learner engagement.

Top Augmented Reality Experiences 2023

Explore our handpicked selection of top AR experiences for sports, retail, packaging, and more.

12 Innovative ways to supercharge your employee training with AR

Discover how AR transforms employee training with engaging, cost-effective solutions for skill development, onboarding, and more.

Getting started with Accessible QR codes: A Brand Guide

Everything you need to know about creating the internal processes and procedures you’ll need to make sure you can scale AQRs across different teams, brands and geographies.