Zapbox: Open Brush

Zapbox: Open Brush

Bring the spatial canvas to your iPhone. Open Brush lets you craft vibrant landscapes and intricate art with three-dimensional brush strokes, intuitive controls and advanced lighting.

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Dynamic brushes

Choose from a wide variety of brush options, from traditional oil paints to neon pulse and diamond brushes.

Detailed colour picker

Select and save the exact colour to bring your 3D artwork to life. Open Brush allows you to build your own palette for quicker creation.

Intuitive interface

Doodler or seasoned illustrator, the simplicity and power of Open Brush on Zapbox opens up a new realm of creativity to everyone – no matter their technical background or budget.

Open peripheral design

Zapbox's unique open peripheral design means you stay connected to the world around you while you bring your mixed reality masterpiece to life.

Advanced Lighting

Fine-tune the mood and feel of your artwork using sophisticated lighting controls, adding depth and realism to your virtual creations.

Teleportation and Manipulation

Move and view your creations from different perspectives with the teleport feature, or adjust the scale and orientation with intuitive controller inputs.

User-Friendly Controls

Equipped with two Bluetooth controllers and familiar inputs for Quest users, Zapbox ensures a seamless and enjoyable mixed reality experience.

Innovative Design

Zapbox merges affordability with innovation, making mixed reality and spatial computing accessible to users with a passion for creativity.

Shareable Experiences

Open Brush lets you save and share your 3D creations, bringing friends and family into your mixed reality world.

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