Nestle CPW Share Kindness

August 2023

Delivery Method: WebAR 
Tools used: Three.JS

Created to spread a little kindness our Zappar Creative Studio Team worked with Nestle CPW to create a feel good AR experience launched from their packaging. Customers can simply scan the code and choose from a range of positive pictures to colour in and bring to life in the world around them. For social sharing users can also pick captions like Best Buddies or You are my sunshine and snap a pic to help share a little kindness.

Benefits of AR:

  • Increased engagement incentivizing consumers to spend more time interacting with the product and, in turn, the brand.
  • Shareability AR can create memorable, novel experiences that consumers are more likely to share on their social platforms, expanding the reach of the campaign.
  • Data Collection: With user permissions, brands can gather data on how and when consumers interact with the AR experience, which can be invaluable for improving future marketing campaigns and understanding consumer preferences.