Angry Birds Action!

April 2016

We've partnered with Rovio, the maker of Angry Birds - the most popular mobile game of all time, to release 1 billion BirdCodes into the wild in support of new game Angry Birds Action!.

BirdCodes are a customised version of our lovely zapcodes and are being used to bring the interactive fun and mischief of Angry Birds to physical products and marketing.

You will see them on cups, burger boxes, tray liners, t-shirts, backpacks, posters, candies, cartons, notebooks… In fact, just about everywhere.

When you find a BirdCode all you have to do is download the Angry Birds Action! app and then give it a scan to unlock exclusive power-ups, augmented reality mini-games, and ‘photo-features’ to pose with your favourite characters.

Brand partners include McDonald’s, Lego, Walmart, H&M, PEZ, Peperami and many more around the world.

We almost forgot to mention… There’s also the Angry Birds Movie coming out.

2016 — The Year of the Bird(Code).