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Zappar Creative Studio

Our in-house team have led thousands of AR strategies, campaigns and activations over the past decade, winning awards and (more importantly) changing behaviours to help our partners meet their commercial and marketing objectives.

ZapWorks creative tools

Create AR your way with ZapWorks

Our award-winning SDKs, computer vision libraries, AR creative tools, CMS and data dashboards provide everything you need to develop and deploy augmented reality content built by your own team or your agency partners.

We also provide training services, offering strategic insights on the AR landscape and operational fundamentals as well as practical and technical training on designing and developing augmented reality.

Super Insects World Tracking

2021 AR campaign of the year

Find out how a bespoke AR experience supercharged Countdown Supermarket's brand engagement and won best campaign of the year at the 2021 Auggie awards.

Our mission is to make the world scannable by democratising AR

AR experiences developed using our technology have been engaged with hundreds of millions of times. We've created a flexible solution that is scalable, robust and targets the lowest spec devices up (rather than just the latest swanky iPhone).

Month in AR

2022 Highlights

It’s time again for the yearly rewind, where we look back at some of our proudest moments from the year as well as all the amazing experiences created by Zappar Creative Studio and our amazing agency partners.

Proven sectors for AR success

Why augmented reality?

More engaging

95% increase in visual attention compared to non-AR

More memorable

70% increase in memory encoding compared to non-AR

More Accessible

6.5 billion+ connected smartphones with WebAR