How to set up your ZapBox

Let's set up your ZapBox in a few simple steps.

ZapBox Set Up

Important!  Before you start please make sure to read the safety instructions. You can find them here or in the ZapBox box

Download the ZapBox App


1. Controller Assembly


Transform a single piece of card into a mixed reality controller in less than 5 minutes.


2. Pair Controller


Connect your shiny new controller with the ZapBox app.


3. Fisheye Lens Placement


Increase the field of view of the camera by placing the included fisheye lens on your mobile device.


4. Calibrate Camera


Calibrate your device’s camera with the calibration grid for the best ZapBox experience.


5. Build Map


Place your pointcodes on a surface and build the map for anchoring your ZapBox content.


6. Launch / Scan


Now your ZapBox is all set up you can launch one of the included experiences within the app. You can also scan zapcodes to load experiences that you or others have created using ZapWorks Studio.