Feature ZapBox Google Cardboard Samsung Gear VR Google Daydream HTC Vive Oculus Rift Magic Leap Microsoft Hololens
Mixed Reality (MR) content supported [1] [1] [3]
Virtual Reality (VR) content supported [6]
Content responds to head rotation
Content responds to movement in space (for room scale experiences)
Handheld controllers [4] [7]
Content respsonds to controller rotation [4]
Content responds to controller movement in space [4]
Untethered (no cables from headset)
Required device iOS or Android Smartphone iOS or Android Smartphone [Many apps Android only] Specific Samsung devices New high-end Android devices only High-end PC High-end PC None [5] None
Price $30 From around $10 [2] $99.99 $79 $799 $599 $3,000

[1] The Gear VR has a removable front panel, and some cardboard designs have camera cut-outs so experiences including a live camera feed are possible. We haven't come across experiences that are anything like those we're offering with ZapBox though.
[2] Quality and price of Google Cardboard headsets is very variable.
[3] HTC Vive does have a front facing camera but they describe it as being for 'Real Word Awareness' rather than MR.
[4] The $599 Oculus Rift includes an Xbox One controller. Oculus Touch controllers are currently available for pre-order and will offer position and rotation tracking for an extra $199.
[5] Probably; our expectation is that Magic Leap will produce a stand alone device.
[6] The HoloLens Development Edition can deliver VR by blocking out the view of the world completely, but the display field of view is lower than dedicated VR devices.
[7] HoloLens trakcs hands without using an explicit controller.