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ZapBox opens up a new canvas for storytelling in Mixed Reality, where content is fully tracked and anchored in the world. That means you can visualise your products in 3D like never before, from the boardroom table to event show floor. ZapBox allows users to interact, learn and engage with product features, benefits and any other information you care to share in a truly immersive way.

ZapBox’s affordability, easy set up, portability, instant preview and publish through ZapWorks means that you can take your creations anywhere and update them at any time. This makes ZapBox perfect for events, conferences, meetings, training sessions, lessons and more. See what ZapBox can do for your business. A new world awaits.

Case Studies

  • Education
  • Events
  • Design

The 21st Century Classroom

Let’s face it, certain topics are either hard to grasp or, well… just a little bit dull! Studies by large corporations like Boeing have shown that the use of Augmented Reality for training empirically aids speed of take-up of a subject, increases efficiency and aids retention of knowledge through interaction. ZapBox takes these learnings one step further allowing businesses and educators to design tutorials and lesson plans in Mixed Reality. We’re currently exploring this area in STEM learning with our friends at StoneOak media and through our own work in music.

  • Add Interest

    Add interest into a difficult (or dry) subjects

  • Efficiency

    Create efficiency in learning

  • Deeper Interaction

    Aid retention and recall through deeper interaction



Now you can bring your products to life and allow sales staff to engage customers with a new interactive way of storytelling and product immersion. It’s more affordable, portable and easy to set up. It also delivers greater interaction and engagement in an exhibition setting. We worked with Accuray to bring their cancer-busting Cyberknife machine to life for trade shows and events saving hundreds of thousands in shipping costs and ensuring that the machines themselves could be left for use in patient care rather than on the promotional trail.

  • Drive value

    Help drive more value out of your events offering

  • Increase engagement

    Increase customer engagement

  • Showcase

    Save time and money on logistics for product showcases



The software to create 3D models has become ever more powerful. Getting a sense of scale and proportion from the confines of a computer screen or Smart TV, however big, remains a limiting factor. Similarly, outputting these designs with 3D printing or other forms of modelling is time consuming and expensive. ZapBox offers a simple solution to visualise these creations in an efficient and affordable way to help in product presentations and rapid prototyping. Models can be viewed at any size and made interactive to engage the viewer. We’ve been working with architects firm HLM in London to see how this can be applied to their business.

  • 3D Models

    Bring your 3D models to life at any size

  • Understanding Vision

    Help collaborators and clients alike better understand your vision

  • Fast Prototyping

    Allows for rapid prototyping and publishing

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Build it yourself

ZapWorks Studio means you can build, preview and publish your own ZapBox content yourself. It’s affordable and accessible. Become a Mixed Reality pioneer and start prototyping today.

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We can build it for you

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