Coming 2022

All-new Zapbox

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We are fully funded on Kickstarter.

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All-new ZapBox

Continue to Zapbox V2, available now

Coming 2022

All-new Zapbox

All-new Zapbox

We are fully funded on Kickstarter.

Visit our campaign page to find out more.

Pre-order now

Continue to Zapbox V2, available now

ZapBox: Mixed Reality for Everyone

ZapBox is the first affordable, Mixed Reality kit that allows developers and businesses to reimagine how they design, build and create 3D experiences.

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Why Zapbox

ZapBox is an affordable way to experience Mixed Reality (MR) powered through your phone. It combines physical components with advanced software to provide magical MR experiences. Using your smartphone and the ZapBox headset, you can step into a whole new world of interactive content.

More than just cardboard


Physical Interaction

Using the cardboard controllers you can physically interact with your creations in a whole new way.

Fully Tracked

Fully Tracked

Walk around and explore your content from any angle. It’ll be anchored to the real world.



The most affordable MR headset to date. Get a taste of what MR can offer without breaking the bank.

What you get

  • Headset
  • Pointcode
  • Controller
  • Lens Adapter
  • ZapBox App

Cardboard Headset

A headset inspired by Google Cardboard that holds your smartphone, with a head strap so your hands are free to interact with the content.


Pointcodes are markers you attach to walls, floors or tables that enable the ZapBox app to work out your position and understand the surfaces in your room.

Cardboard Controllers

ZapBox includes two controllers which can be tracked when visible to the camera. This means they can be turned into fun ways to interact with content such as a golf club, pointer or paintbrush.

Lens Adapter

The fisheye lens adapter increases the field of view of your smartphone’s camera, dramatically improving the immersion and impact of ZapBox experiences and allowing a greater range of motion with the controllers.

ZapBox App

Your one-stop shop to experience ZapBox content. You’ll use the app to build a map of the codes you’ve placed around your room, and then to browse and experience content.

Zapbox Experiences

Check out these awesome Mixed Reality experiences that come free with the Zapbox app!


Learn about two of South Africa’s endangered species: the loggerhead turtle and the ragged-tooth shark.

The Claw

A simple but addictive experience that allows you to grab and move objects in Mixed Reality using the trigger feature of the ZapBox controller.

Mission Mars

Take a closer look at Mars with this educational experience.

ZapBox Pop

A Zappar take on the classic tower defense game.


Bring a virtual Xylophone to life and use both controllers to play your favorite songs.

Mini Golf

Three holes of Mixed Reality crazy golf to take a swing at.

Engine Builder

See how quickly you can assemble an engine against the clock.

Coming Soon

We will continue to build and share additional ZapBox experiences for you to enjoy. In the meantime, feel free to build your own ZapBox Mixed Reality experiences using ZapWorks Studio!

Develop for ZapBox

Mixed Reality is an untapped medium with new creative possibilities waiting to be unlocked. Become a part of shaping the future with the ZapBox community.

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ZapBox for Business

Mixed Reality is a powerful tool for product visulisation, learning, prototyping, events and consumer engagement.

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