What are Zapcodes?

If barcodes were 1.0 and QR codes 2.0 then zapcodes are 10.0

These neat little guys are the next generation of futuristic looking codes. Put them on stuff in the real world and they create a magical link to the digital world, delivering mind-blowing Augmented Reality content straight to your mobile device. You can literally bring your things to life.

They look like small barcode-like icons. Like these...


You can find out more about how zapcodes work or try some here.

When you see a zapcode in the wild, just download the Zappar app, point at the code, and boom - the code will come to life in front of your eyes!

You'll find zapcodes on many of our products and experiences. You can also create and manage you own zapcodes, using ZapWorks.

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