How do I stroke a kitten?

You've come to the right place if you want to learn how to stroke a kitten or if you're just looking to improve your kitten stroking technique.

Step 1

Let the kitty get comfortable with you. Perhaps let it sniff your finger, or play dead so it doesn't consider you a threat.

Step 2

Pet the kitty's head lightly with your fingers. The kitty likes it when you pet its head.

Step 3

Run the palm of your hand smoothly along the kitty's neck and back, in a movement towards the tail, then repeat. DO NOT stroke from the tail to the head. Kitty no like that!

Step 4

Avoid the tummy. You may think it's funny, but kitty no like strokes on the tummy. Kitty is likely to wrestle your hand and scratch it all up.

Step 5

If the kitty headbutts you or jumps on your lap, it wants more stroking.

Step 6

A purring kitty is a happy kitty.

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