How can I find my product's zap?

step one

Download the Zappar app. Just search for "Zappar" in your app store or visit the Get Zappar page.

step two

If your product has a zapcode simply scan the zapcode from the first screen of the Zappar app.

For Zappar Powered products without a zapcode you have a few options. You can:

  • select the Browse Zaps option in the menu and navigate the categories to find your zap; or
  • use the Search function - just type in the name or brand.

can't find your zap?

It may be the case that the app is set to the wrong region. Check that it's set to the region that you aquired your product in from the Settings area of the app.

If you still can't find it then drop us a line from the Contacts page and we'll get to the bottom of it!

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