Augmented Reality for Education

Encouraging learning through doing

Over the years we’ve experienced first-hand just how powerful immersive computing through AR, VR and MR can be as a teaching and learning aid both in schools and universities. Whether that’s in STEM through lesson plans and AR enhanced books; ZapWorks computer courses; or vocational learning in secondary education for design, animation architecture etc.

AR quite literally brings lessons and learning to life fostering collaboration, interaction, engagement and understanding of a given topic

New type of visual aid

  • Bring text books and lesson plans to life with video, photos, audio etc. and give students a new way to learn.

  • Making even the most difficult to grasp of subjects engaging.

Learning through doing

  • Students can create their own AR experiences as an immersive way to explore a given topic using ZapWorks.

  • Hands on learning is proven to boost recall.

Creating a 21st century skill set

  • AR can be used as an applied and creative way for children to learn about the use of different media, the curation of content and presentation skills.

By connecting the physical world of textbooks, lessons plans, and presentations with digital devices we can add a new type of visual aid, splash of colour and excitement to a subject. We’re creating a new age of data visualisation and spatial infographics.

See for yourself

Seven years of real world experience in this space working with some of the biggest brands, packaging companies and retailers across the world, gives us unique insight and empirical data on how best to build and deploy computer vision and AR for the best results.

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