Become part of the Zappar Family

Anyone can use our self-serve augmented reality software to create their own augmented reality content (or “zaps” as we call them). And anyone can use these tools to produce content on behalf of their clients.

However some folks see bigger opportunity and want to go even further: they see potential in Zappar and augmented reality to unlock greater opportunities in their market or territory and want a closer partnership with us here at Zappar. Well who are we to get in the way of progress?!

So we've introduced the Zappar Authorised Partner program for our new global family.

What's in it for me?

  • As an Authorised Partner you get a lovely, fully certified logo to place on your website; use within your sales literature; and display proudly on your mantle piece at home (this last one is optional).
  • You receive a 30% commission on all business sign-ups to ZapWorks that input your referral link.
    • Once authorised we give you a special referral link that your partners can use.
    • You can choose how to charge for your services to curate and execute content through ZapWorks on behalf of your local clients.
  • You’ll get access to Zappar's sales and marketing literature, best practices and other insights.
  • A 60-minute Q&A session with our senior team on how to sell Zappar and ZapWorks tools.
  • Get the inside track on new features and tools being released through ZapWorks tools before they go live to the public.
  • Potential for local market sales leads from Zappar HQ.
  • Be featured on our website as a Zappar Authorised Partner in your territory (on our lovely world map) for local clients to see.

How do I get started?

  • To become an accredited Zappar Authorised Partner costs an annual membership fee of £5,000 paid on signature of our Partner Agreement.
    • That includes two ZapWorks Seats - one Basic and one Pro Seat (worth £1,320 per year) along with the previously mentioned benefits (to the left).
  • We'd like to chat to you about your plans for Zappar and how you imagine marketing and promoting custom campaigns and ZapWorks tools in your region.
  • We'd want to make sure you follow our best practices and receive examples of campaigns you create for use in future marketing literature and to appear on our website.
  • We do have to do some due diligence and standard company checks (blame our legal department). You can find the documents here.
  • We'd need you to sign our standard Partner Agreement which we can send you if the previous points all have you nodding in agreement.

Most important of all we want to work with nice people who share our passion and creativity to make the world a brighter place one zap at a time.

“We’ve been working with the team at Zappar HQ for over two years now. They are incredibly supportive, open and honest – partners in the true sense of the word. Together we have secured deals with Vodacom (#1 telco), Engen (#1 petroleum brand) and many of South Africa’s other largest companies. Our team continues to grow, as does our passion for this world-leading augmented reality technology”

CEO at IMDM (Zappar Authorised Partner)

Zappar Authorised Partners Across The World

World map
Massfar T: +55 51 3039 1436
Massfar T: +55 51 3039 1436
Zappar Labs
Where the magic happens...
South Africa
IMDM T: +27 12 643 0428
IMDM T: +27 12 643 0428
IMDM T: +27 12 643 0428
United Republic of Tanzania
IMDM T: +27 12 643 0428
California, USA
Autovertiser T: +1 818 421 4207
Viewtoo T: +39 02 366 80460

What happens next?

If you’re interested then fill out the simple fields below and send us an email and we’ll be back in touch right away (allowing for time difference of course – we do have to sleep too).

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Zappar Team