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As you’ve landed on our jobs page we assume that you’re interested in joining Team Zap (or your just checking out the competition – come on, we’ve all done it!).

Well, you’re in luck as we have plenty of new positions to fill.

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Zappar is the world leader in augmented reality products and entertainment experiences.

What does that mean?

Glad you asked. We work with the likes of Warner Brothers, Hasbro, Universal NBC, Rovio, Coca-Cola, PlayStation, and Disney to bring their products and marketing to life with delicious bite-size Zappar experiences.

We’re also here to democratise this technology voodoo called “augmented reality” by creating a best-in-class set of tools to empower all the content creators out there and set it free. Power to the zap-people!

So if you are a technical titan, a creative calypso, or a business development mover-and-shaker (sorry, we couldn’t think of a word beginning with “b”) then check out the jobs below and get in touch.

We’re going to need a bigger boat!

We’re on the forefront of some pretty exciting stuff, we’re a jolly friendly bunch and we’re obviously doing something right as we keep having to buy more chairs.

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