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Bringing the world of events to life with
Augmented Reality

A zap

At Zappar we specialise in making bite sized infotainment experiences on mobile devices, connecting the physical world with our digital lives through the evolutionary appendage that is our mobile phone.

Our unique zapcode solution can turn any touchpoint into a multimedia portal, which can make the business of meeting the right people and remembering the right product a fun and easy experience at events.

"Zappar's tech enriches the experience of attendees not only by introducing playful and fun elements but by providing a layer of information on the event in the most interesting way. It also allowed us to provide a select number of exhibitors and sponsors a larger opportunity to meet and engage with key attendees.

The team at Zappar were immensely supportive and knowledgeable when it came to integrating their technology into our event app and worked extremely well with our App developer to ensure that the integration went smoothly and successfully."

Director - Event Tech Live / Editor - Event Industry News


Connect event apps with the physical show

The Zappar technology can be embedded in the event app to turn it into the remote control to augment the physical world of the show, simply by scanning zapcodes.

New revenue opportunities for organisers

Organisers have new sponsorship opportunities for adding interactivity to name badges, show signage, tickets, banners, coffee cups and all media sales.

Better ROI for exhibitors

Exhibitors have increased ability to connect with more users at the show from their stands with interactive content and data capture mechanics for better follow up and conversion.

Better show experience for attendees

Attendees can more easily gather information, explore and get more involved in show promotions with a simple way to then store the contact details and information for review post show.

Deeper data analytics

All the interactions can be tracked in near real-time so organisers and exhibitors alike can see granular data of how many people are engaging, with which elements, on which days and exactly what they’re doing.

The use of Zappar within events becomes the connective tissue between attendees, exhibitors and organizers bridging their digital and physical experience providing greater analytics, opportunities to convert sales leads and generate new revenue.

Calling all event organizers

Three simple steps to zappify your events:

Put us in contact with your app company and we’ll embed our super light and easy to install software to get your visitors zapping.


Put us in touch with your registration company and we’ll make sure everyone at your show has their very own unique zapcode on their badge and booth.


Deliver additional augmented reality plans to your exhibitors.