Location: London, UK
Employment: Full time - permanent

Computer Vision algorithms form a core part of the Zappar app. Users launch our experiences by scanning a “Zapcode” - a customizable branded barcode that can be scanned very rapidly, even when the code is only a small part of the camera image. Inside a Zappar experience our robust object detection and tracking algorithms are at the core of our amazing AR user experiences. Our primary focus is on real-time algorithms that run on users’ devices, but server-side algorithms are also of interest.

We’re always pushing to expand our Computer Vision capabilities with a keen focus on those that will provide additional value to users of the Zappar app. We’re looking for an awesome Computer Vision Expert to join the team so we can accelerate these new developments. You would be working closely with Zappar’s Research Director, Dr. Simon Taylor. 

The role will entail

  • Research and experimentation
  • Implementing new capabilities
  • Support and maintenance of existing algorithms and libraries

Must have

  • Good C++ knowledge and experience of real-world codebases
  • Computer Vision experience (at least Masters-level student project or solid industrial experience)

Nice to have

  • PhD in Computer Vision
  • Mobile development experience (iOS/Android)
  • Experience of Python for analysis and research (numpy/scipy)

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