If you’re reading this page we’re guessing you’re already curious about what augmented reality can do for your business.

If you're looking for a solution that can work across all possible consumer touchpoints – from products to packaging, POS to print & publishing, Direct Marketing or even broadcast - then you’ve come to the right place.

We've spent the last 3 years creating a suite of products harnessing image recognition for businesses of all shapes and sizes: whether you're a independent coffee house, or that other local coffee shop called Starbucks (17,000 shops in 49 countries and counting).

The benefits of zapcodes for business...

Here’s a quick run down of our unique offering...


Zappar is a free to download app available on iTunes and Google Play, built from the ground up using our in-house computer-vision algorithms.

The beauty of our approach is that there are any number of ways to work with our platform. Our online self-service system, ZapWorks, gives you the tools to create AR experiences straight away. No technical expertise is required, and with seats starting at £30/month it's a steal.

You can also work with our highly skilled team of AR ninjas here at Zappar Labs to produce tailor-made experiences, leveraging the full potential of the Zappar platform. Simply pay for the production of your campaigns, costed on a project basis against our standard rate card.

All our services come with some great free features too:

  • There’s no license fee for putting your content through the Zappar app.
  • All the serving, hosting and data analytics via our data dashboard comes as part of the service.
  • And your content can stay in the app as long as you like at no extra charge.

As if that wasn't enough, as a business you can also embed the Zappar component in your own iOS and Android app (it’s super light at around 3MB).

So read on to see which of our services best suit your needs or drop us an email if you want to arrange a call to discuss your requirements in more detail.


Zapcodes are our unique take on getting augmented reality to the mass market.

Zapcodes are designed to deliver the most content-rich, robust, fun-to-use and scalable AR platform on the planet - redefining an action that most people with a smartphone have already experienced... scanning... or as we call it... zapping!

Zapcodes are a call to action, a code, and an AR marker combined; informing users that something is AR enabled, then guaranteeing the right content stream is delivered to them in a dynamic and entertaining way. They're like a QR code, but on steroids.

Zapcodes can work in conjunction with target images, or indeed entirely on their own to turn products, advertising and events into multi-media experiences serving video, audio, photos, polls, promotions, 3D models and other interactions.

They’re the codes you want to scan.


ZapWorks is our online tool and service that lets consumers and businesses alike build engaging AR experiences, leveraging our unique zapcode technology.

With ZapWorks you can attach content to anything - zapcodes can roam free and aren't bound to any one piece of print.

ZapWorks is designed to work for people of different levels of ability; from technophobes to tech geeks. You can design and curate your own AR experiences in a matter of minutes.

The service takes care of all hosting, file conversion, and analytics for you. All you need to get started is your computer and your imagination.

At Zappar we understand that good business is built upon real data. That's why ZapWorks comes with a fully featured data dashboard, making it easy to understand how your users are interacting with your content.

And best of all, it's cost effective; with straightforward monthly subscription plans to fit businesses of all sizes. But don't just take our word for it, you can sign up now with a 30-day free trial – no strings attached.

We also operate a Zappar Authorised Partner program for businesses around the world who'd like to sell ZapWorks solution in their own regions.

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Zappar for Broadcast

Zappar are the only company on the planet able to offer second screen augmented reality experiences. That's thanks to the robustness of zapcode system.

Recent research shows that a staggering 87% of TV viewers in the US use their smartphones or tablets whilst watching TV.

Zappar for Broadcast offers advertisers and networks a new way to increase engagement, participation and interaction with a show or commercial break whilst extending this relationship beyond a program or advertisement itself. Simply point the app at the screen with a zapcode and that's when the magic happens.

Our ground breaking tie-up with One Direction for 1D Day on 23rd November 2013 (a 7-hour live broadcast) showed just how powerful this can be. During the show we saw 1.5M zaps, an average dwell time of 90 seconds per zap, 240,000+ photos shared on social media through our app, and 30,000+ click-throughs to pre-order the new album. It was the largest AR event there has ever been.

Zapcodes also allow brands and businesses to take these experiences from TV, through online and print into POS and packaging for the first time. Linking above-the-line TV campaigns direct to product sale through users' mobile devices offering them personalised rewards for participation.

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Zappar for Direct Mail

Zapcodes are designed for scale. That's why zapcodes offer a unique opportunity for Direct Mail campaigns. With over 4 billion available permutations of a zapcode each DM piece can be tailored to the recipient with a personalised AR message.

These can be from the same target image featuring a unique zapcode to increase interaction and engagement. That's something that's not possible with any other AR solution.

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Zappar for Products

At Zappar we've pioneered the use of augmented reality as an added value proposition for products.

We've worked with some of the biggest licensors in the world (Disney, Marvel, Warner Bros, Activision, Nickelodeon, Sanrio, Sony Pictures, Sony Music, Universal Pictures etc.), across a number of product categories (apparel, hats, bags, costumes, charms, puzzles, books, toys, accessories, device cases etc.), and sold at mass market retail (Walmart, Macy’s, Target, Asda, C&A, Liverpool, ToysRUs etc.) in 19 countries around the world.

We work on a simple business model of shared up-front production cost for the augmentation (recoupable on sales) with a percentage royalty on sales achieved. So it's shared risk and reward with our partners.

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Zappar R & D

We're not ones to boast but we've got the best brains in the world behind Zappar. They're a pretty restless bunch and like to keep pushing the envelope.

We continue to look at new vision tech solutions to solve business problems and create commercial value.

The nice thing about owning the whole system from the ground up is... the sky's the limit!

There are a few new projects in the pipeline that may surprise you. Watch this space.

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How zapcodes work

They're the next generation of futuristic looking codes. There's a bit more to them than just mind-blowing AR content though. Find out more about the technology behind them...

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If you want to find out how Zappar can help your business commercialise the space between devices and the physical world around you get in touch at contact@zappar.com

We look forward to hearing from you!

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