Platform developer Matt talks about the Happy Feet Two zap.

Name: Matt
Role at Zappar: Platform Developer

Zap Pick: Happy Feet Two

The Happy Feet Two Zap was the first project I worked on from start to finish after joining Zappar.

Not being part of the actual scene developer team my work tends to be behind the action, working on new features or optimisations to the Zappar framework. This project though required a brand-spanking-new feature so it made sense that I take on both the programming of this new feature and the implementation of it ‘in Zap’.


The new piece of functionality that we needed for this Zap was to have video playback with an alpha channel masking the rest of the video. This allowed us to have Erik from happy feet 2 dancing around within the movie poster. It was quite a tricky thing to implement but completely worth the time and trouble when you see the final result – just look at the little guy dance!

This Zap also allowed you to take Erik out of the poster and have him dancing on the street or on your hand or wherever you want.

You can see more of the Happy Feet Two Zap here.