More showbiz fun from the Zappar Lab.

More showbiz fun from the Zappar Lab.

Harry Potter, Happy Feet, Green Lantern, Sherlock Holmes… Now One Direction and The Mortal Instruments join the gang.

We were thrilled to continue our work with the lads from One Direction, this time for their 3D movie This Is Us.

Fans of the band will see a Zapcode on the film poster which when zapped will unlock UGC content from Directioners in the form of a photo montage and a message from the boys themselves. The video will update over time as it nears theatrical release.

From Hit-makers to Shadowhunters, our collaboration with Sony Pictures was on-going in the form of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. Adding an extra dimension to the poster with an exclusive track from Jessie-J, clip from the movie and a photo feature that allowed fans to pose with the rune symbols from the movie (something we spent a happy hour fooling around with at Zappar HQ).

That’s a wrap (for now at least).