This guest blog looks at an exciting new product innovation in the world of weddings (it is the season after all!). Mark-Anthony is the Founder of Interactive Wedding Invitations who use our Zapcode Creator tool to bring the classic invite into the 21st century.

By: Mark-Anthony Jones, Founder, Interactive Wedding Invitations

For many years the average wedding has avoided any kind of serious overhaul, it sells us a dream steeped in history and tradition. There’s the groom-to-be living in an end-of-terrace who gets to be king of the castle for a day, parading his fairy tale princess bride around with a loyal following of flower girls toward the most lavish of banquets with extravagant centre pieces and enough cake for 300.

This blog won’t start to try and change all of that, we all want to live the dream, but what if you could almost supercharge it? We’ve already seen it happen with Instagram, a wedding comes with its own hashtag assigned so guests with their trusty smartphones (inevitably glued to their side all day) can capture those candid moments and share them instantly. The wedding photographer still very much has a role, the classic shots captured for the album which ensures Auntie Vera and little cousin Tommy get their airtime, but we live in a supercharged society where we’re all searching for added value, instant gratification and approval of the masses.

Time poor has never been a truer saying, whether you’re the future Mr & Mrs or part of the invited wedding party there are a host of formalities and traditions that become time consuming and honestly, unnecessarily tedious. First off the block, invitations… what if, instead of guests replying to the parents of the bride (of whom they are unlikely to have met or ever will again) that’s done with one tap of your smartphone screen. Augmented reality is now a reality for the traditional invitation… My company, Interactive Wedding Invitations, have been working with Zappar to keep the same beautiful invitation design, but with added content through a zapcode which allows the bride and groom to create something bespoke and personal to them whilst providing guests with a super simple way to RSVP and put the date and venue details automatically in their phone diaries – now isn’t that efficient?!

Traditionally we’ve looked at lavish weddings as a way of demonstrating status and perhaps by default the stepping stone to making the marriage the most successful it could hope to be. You can still be lavish, but it seems that now weddings get judged on your clever twists and personalisation, so if you want to impress then think about the little changes you can make… it doesn’t have to cost the earth, but could make all the difference.