Twelve thousand 360-degree photos from Getty Images now available for VR

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Twelve thousand 360-degree photos from Getty Images now available for VR

Blog Author
Getty Images join the ever increasing list of thought leading businesses that are nailing their colours to the VR mast.
This blog post is courtesy of David Francis (AKA the AR-stralian) who has recently joined Zappar in Asia Pacific, based out of Sydney.

By David Francis, Head of Sales | APAC, Zappar

Getty Images got into the virtual reality game last week when it released 12,000 360-degree stock photos ready for photosphere VR. This is exciting news for all of us that want to build our own VR.

While 360 video can be a great experience, the movement of the scene often doesn’t allow the user to really feel what it’s like in the space and get the whole picture. With 360-degree photos, such as those released by Getty, the viewer misses nothing and can experience the space in their own time.

This creative canvas provides a whole host of opportunities for brands to show off their places, experiences and moments in a whole new way.

Or to put it in the words of Dawn Airey, CEO of Getty Images in a recent Recode interview; "A great panoramic delivers a unique sense of presence. It has a powerful way of making the viewer feel connected to the action in a way that is entirely different to a traditional image."

With ZapWorks, 360-degree photos can be enhanced with hotspots to create interactive brand assets for things like digital creative, print pieces, site-specific point-of-sale modules, or even product packaging. Content can be changed on the fly from the cloud, so pieces can feature the latest 360-degree photos from, say, the 2016 Rio Olympics. Content can be updated even hourly, allowing developers to create timely marketing communications that help brands stay relevant and connect with consumers in real-time.

When the New York Times gave away 1.3 million Google Cardboards at the end of last year (and another 300K in the last month), they probably didn’t imagine they’d be cash positive from day one, and that Cardboard would be a rapidly growing revenue vehicle for their newsprint division. But it has, and the complementary experience of seeing a moment in 360-degrees and then reading about it is now next-level editorial.

ZapWorks is designed to help digital creatives do the same within their own organisations or on behalf of their clients: Build next-level AR/VR content experiences that are snackable and immerse. This announcement from Getty comes at the perfect time to help ZapWorks users raise the stakes in their visual storytelling.

Try for yourself. Scan this image with the Zappar app.

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