Hollywood legend Carl Reiner demos his new Zappar Powered book on hit US TV show.

Max Dawes, Partnerships Director, Zappar

To say that we are excited to be working with Carl Reiner and his team at Random Content would be an understatement… It’s an absolute honour to have joined forces to bring to life Carl’s new children’s book The Secret Treasure Of Tahka Paka with a splash of Zappar magic.

The story sees a family visit a tropical island where they experience hidden caves, tunnels, crypts, ancient curses, pirates and a secret treasure that will benefit all of us. If that doesn’t get the creative juices flowing then what will?!

Carl was invited on NBC’s The Tonight Show along with Vin Diesel and Kobe Bryant for a chat with talk show host extraordinaire Jimmy Fallon. He put in a stellar performance and demoed a zap from his book live on TV.

This was our first foray into prime time on a major US network. We thank you Mr. Reiner and can’t wait to continue with the work on the book.

That’s a wrap.

Zap this for a sneak preview and a selfie with Jimmy Fallon!