Jul 15, 2014

The best value augmented reality platform by a country mile*

The scores are in and we can safely say that Zappar tops the list of best value augmented reality services by some distance.

Clearly we used some very rigorous techniques to make it a fair race and brought in a completely impartial adjudicator – we had our new Sales Manager (thanks Jeremy) use the Internet.

The truth is that there are a handful of great systems now on the market. We all have good technology. We all offer services with lots of tools and features. We all have impressive lists of clients and case studies that show how great we are.

But when it comes down to hard economics we found that it’s really complicated to understand what the blazes is going on. Some sites don’t show their costs and require you to fill out forms and get in touch; others have a smörgåsbord of plans and features that would have Scandinavians scared of the menu. There’s even one that changes it’s pricing so often that it gives the stock market a run for its money.

As far as we can make out no one gets close to Zappar when it comes to value for money, clear pricing and quality of service.

Our plans start at £30 per month for 10 zapcodes (equivalent to £3 per code). Each month you get another 10 codes and can keep the ones you’ve allocated previously. You can change the content on your codes as often as you like. You can stick your codes on as many things as you like. It all comes fully hosted with full analytics. At no extra cost.

You also get a month’s free trial.

One bright spark in the team came up with the idea that we should price match any competitor on the market. But they’re all so much more expensive than us that we’d feel bad about taking the extra money!

We’ve always seen ourselves as a consumer champion: we want to truly democratize the technology and make it available for everyone to enjoy and get the most out of, whatever their needs. That includes making it affordable for the mass-market (it’s why as a personal user you get your first zapcode for free).

So if you’re sitting there desperately flicking between the different pages of websites for different AR solutions can we suggest you start with our free trial and take it from there. We’re confident you won’t be disappointed.

P.S. We were going to add a price comparison table but it doesn't seem fair as the next best value service is 1,150% more expensive.

* That’s roughly 10 miles in old English country speak which was a really really long way in those days!