A bit of self-promotion from time to time never hurts. This blog explores some of our latest cuttings for the scrapbook.

By Max Dawes, Partnerships & Marketing Director

Augmented reality and virtual reality are thriving topics in the news today and our latest press hits show the broad range of media that are writing about it (and us, yay!).

To lead things off, Caspar (Zappar co-founder & CEO) spruced up a colorful piece in City A.M. looking at the 5 ways augmented reality are already being used in the workplace. Note the ‘are already’... we’re always ones for focusing on what’s possible now as well as the shiny future-gazing stuff. As the saying goes; “if you stand with one foot in the past and the other foot in the future, all you do is...”.

The 5 ways range from interactive business cards to training and onboarding. You can read the full piece here.

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Onto another piece penned by Caspar (he’s been busy!), this time for a ‘Virtual & Augmented Reality’ supplement produced by Raconteur for The Times & Sunday Times. Titled “Opening a new window on the world with augmented reality” it explores the proliferation of mobile devices, their increasing importance and ubiquity and how AR is “no longer just an add-on to a marketing strategy, but an essential component of an increasingly connected world”. It includes some great stats to drop into meetings (courtesy of our friends at eMarketer).

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Zappar founders as seen in the ‘Virtual & Augmented Reality’ report in The Times & Sunday Times

Last, but by no means least, let’s move on to education. As we’ve already blogged about, we were thrilled to launch our augmented reality MOOC and really pleased to see the response from the education & learning media.

Richard Chang, a US-based writer for THE Journal published “New MOOC Uses AR to Teach About Water Cycle and More” as well as Educational Technology’s Rebecca Paddick posting about “Canvas Network and Zappar joining forces to bring augmented reality to the classroom”.

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That’s all folks!