Jun 05, 2014

Skylanders SWAP Force Official Guide gets Zappar Powered in collaboration with Penguin Children’s Books

...it sort of writes itself this one. 

First off Skylanders is just a great brand and product for augmented reality given the premise of bringing physical characters to life in their digital universe.

Children's Books aimed at kids from 8-13 is another bullseye. Especially when it's the Official Swap Force Guide for kids pre-disposed to the subject and dying to find out more about their passion point.

So it's the right brand, right product, right audience and right occasion.

All we need now is a sprinkling of relevant added value content in the form of a fun and interactive way to swap through the 256 SWAP Force combinations using Zappar with accompanying videos and we're done.

The great thing about zapcodes is that it means we can deal with high volumes of content and multiple pages without any effect on the app download. It also acts as a clear call to action on the page. And it can all be done cost effectively, which is so important in the publishing industry where margins are tight.

All in all a job well done. Looking forward to seeing the results.

Our partners at Penguin Children's feel the same with Juliet Matthews (Publishing Director for Media & Entertainment) saying: "Skylanders SWAP Force is synonymous with the ‘Toys to Life’ phenomenon and so it is important for us to echo that fantastic innovation in our publishing. With the latest Master Eon’s Official Guide, children are able to access an entirely new dimension within their reading experience. Zappar is a slick, user-friendly app that is free to download and allows readers to engage with the characters on a deeper level as well as bringing the Official Guide to life, offering an incredible synergy with the Skylanders brand.”

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