<p>- Andrew Fisher, Shazam Executive Chairman interviewed in The Sunday Times Business 12/01/14</p>

- Andrew Fisher, Shazam Executive Chairman interviewed in The Sunday Times Business 12/01/14



I have to admit to reading this quote with a wry smile yesterday morning (who said newspapers were dead – there’s nothing like the ritual of the Sunday papers and a coffee!).


We concur Mr. Fisher, that company will be very valuable. And it’s wonderful to hear that sort of validation, after 3 years of working towards this point here at Zappar Labs, from an amazing UK tech success story like Shazam (truly, we’re big fans of your work). 


But your first statement needs slight revision if you don’t mind me saying. Zappar can join these different media threads up right now with Zapcodes. 


The genius of Zapcodes is that they can work cross-platform. So you can place a unique code on your TV broadcast, online, print and outdoor advertising and you can take that in-store to POS, on-pack and even on receipts if you want to go all the way. (OK, radio is a little tricky with a visual code admittedly but it seems your point is about linking TTL campaigns direct to point-of-purchase.)


What’s more, we can track each unique code to each device so we know when someone’s watched the TV ad, or zapped the press ad in order to deliver an offer when they’re in store. It’s like gamifying the whole process and rewarding users for their engagement.


Without a Zapcode this just wouldn’t be possible and that's why it’s such a powerful solution as a branded visual cue, look-up device and delivery system for personalized content. It defines a new wave of second screen experience from your living room to the high street.


It’s why we’re so excited about the year ahead with the public unveiling of the Zapcode Creator and our Zappar for Broadcast proposition.


So I think that first sentence needs to say, ‘Today, there’s one company that can join ad campaigns from TV and radio to in-store promotions.” That company is Zappar. (Oh, and what a coincidence that Shazam are based in Hammersmith. We’re just up the road in Chiswick. Silicon Roundabout eat your heart out!).


- Caspar Thykier, Zappar Co-founder and Managing Director