A good friend sent us this image that we think sums the issue up perfectly for QR codes. It's just not a rewarding experience.

A good friend sent us this image that we think sums the issue up perfectly for QR codes…

Should I use a QR code?

It’s just not a rewarding experience.

Over the last 15 years QR codes have managed to become ubiquitous - they’re slapped on everything! 

On the plus side, they have high awareness as a ‘thingy you scan’ (we bet less than 1 in 100 people know what those two letters stand for). And so amongst the marketing community they're pasted lazily on every form of collateral to tick the ‘yup, we’re now on mobile people’ box.

But everyone seems to have forgotten that some poor soul needs to scan it and actually be served some content that’s useful in a way that might be engaging. And here’s a big revelation – a non-mobile optimized home page ain’t it.Now of course if you’re in the QR business there’s still some great stats to hide behind as smartphone penetration accelerates inexorably across the globe, at the same time that more unsuspecting people chuck a code on everything they can find – like the side of a bus… really?! And so usage figures go up. But consumer satisfaction we’d counter remains the same and the number of people scanning more than once is also pretty static. Hands up who’s ever heard someone say ‘Hey, you gotta scan this QR code. It rocks!’?

But there’s an opportunity in all this. Scanning is a consumer pastime. They fundamentally get the idea of codes. They work. There’s just no great experience at the end of it.

So what if there was a code that you wanted to scan: that served information in a more user-friendly way, or just gave you fun stuff that rewarded you for your time and interest.

Say you had a code that didn’t look so ugly on your beautiful layout, that could scan quickly and from an angle and meant you could access video, photos, contact details, links, maps, polls, offers, you name it! All in a really simple interface right there in front of you with a little augmented reality magic to surprise and delight people.

And what if you could make them yourself and personalize every one of them for your customers or friends whilst getting analytics served up all from a single system.

That would be cool right?

We thought so. And that’s why we invented the Zapcode and the Zapcode Creator. Think of it as the future of codes and scanning.

R.I.P. QR. So long old friend.

Zapcode Creator is currently in Closed Beta and will be launching in January 2014