From the digital graffiti to a virtual classroom cat, an augmented reality round-up

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From the digital graffiti to a virtual classroom cat, an augmented reality round-up

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By Jeremy Yates, Senior Business Development Manager

Technology isn’t what it used to be; clunky, ugly, and expensive. Limiting who used it.

Today it’s in the hands of billions around the world. On show in our homes, and innate in our daily lives. Whether it’s checking the forecast before opening the window, navigating a city via an app, or simply sending someone a million miles away a message, technology is mainstream, accessible, and transforming lives.

In this blog post we want to share a handful of the incredible augmented and mixed reality experiences we’ve seen recently across multiple sectors (we had to limit ourselves to three as there are so many great ones out there) Enjoy…

First up, ELLE magazine is using augmented reality to bring it to life it’s November issue cover. We’ve seen this style of augmented reality format before, allowing readers to unlock extra content by scanning a physical object to reveal a digital experience. So why are we talking about it if it’s already been done? Well, for us, the interesting part of the activation is that ELLE (who are known for their innovation, they were the first to use beacon technology to drive to retail) is working with The Huffington Post’s virtual reality division HuffPost RYOT to produce the content. It’s great to see RYOT changing the traditional news and media model, and producing VR, AR and 360˚ videos - we’re sure there will be more coming from these guys!


Image credit: HuffPost RYOT

Art isn’t simply a painting on a wall anymore or an impressive stone sculpture, as proven by designer DongYoon Park’s latest ‘sculpture’ made of words floating in augmented reality. Using Microsoft’s Typography Insight app to create the digital graffiti, it requires a Microsoft HoloLens to be viewed, utilising mixed reality, and you can even edit the text, making it an interactive experience.

And finally, we couldn’t ignore this purrfectly curated mixed reality cat project (the internet loves cats right?!). Cinder is an augmented reality cat living in the network of a Cambridge school, who pops up on pupils laptops and in the classroom, like a Pokemon character!

Virtual Cat

Image courtesy of Umbrellium

Pokemon Go was clear evidence that augmented reality is mainstream and has brought AR into the public consciousness in a relevant way, but the limits of what industries it can still complement are endless. This is the exciting part of the journey!