In Conversation with the Creators of Soundwave Revolution

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In Conversation with the Creators of Soundwave Revolution

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If you like what you've heard and fancy some rhythmic escapism why not download it for yourself and give it a go.


Great to speak to you guys today! 

And you too! 

So, how did the project come about? 

Well, we were experimenting with ZapBox and thinking, ‘what type of games would work really well on it’? And we thought, music! Across the team we’re all big fans of music games, and we wanted to have a go ourselves. 

So the team brainstormed and came up with around five-game ideas, all of them pretty different. But in the end, after a little more time with ZapBox, we ended up with the idea of Soundwave Revolution. 

What was the inspiration for the project?

The biggest two inspirations were Beat Saber and Audiosurf. We really wanted to make something that felt like surfing into that flow-state in AR, because there's not really anything like that out in the market. 

So we took the two games - from two generations of music gaming - and built a new kind of experience that was wholly unique, and never done before. 

Also, ZapBox is such an accessible platform that there is a lot we could do that we couldn’t otherwise. So we stretched its capabilities as far as we could. 

The result is a game that we are very proud of. 

Can you describe the game? 

That's a good question. I'd say it's like having a GoPro on a spaceship. It feels very smooth, and you're floating through space collecting points. 

We also did what we could to ease people into the flow-state, so we built towards that goal. For example, we made each note come out in a pattern, so you’re naturally moving the controller around in those patterns that we've defined. It's kind of like guiding the ship on the journey. 

Also, the game is supposed to be quiet. You're supposed to settle yourself into it, letting the environment surround and absorb you. When you hit those notes along the way, the environment responds to the music as well. 

While it’s a rhythm game, it is not too similar to Beat Saber. It's a lot more of a chill, laid back musical experience, though we did increase the game’s speed at higher difficulties to offer a challenge to more experienced players

We also wanted it to be a short and fast-paced game. While we took inspiration from Beat Saber and Audiosurf, we didn’t want to copy exactly what they did. We’ve made something a bit more unique that you don't see too often with a music game.

The result is something we would call ‘captivating’. It grabs the player and reels them in. We wanted to build something completely new, and I think we succeeded. 

In what way does it take advantage of the ZapBox’s capabilities?

It’s pretty unique. For a lot of what we wanted to achieve, we really stretched ourselves to find new solutions. The game is only available on ZapBox, and we took full advantage of its unique qualities.

The game also uses everything the ZapBox offers, from wands to the headset itself. You have the wand which you use control of the ship, and the trigger for boosting. The only thing it doesn’t do is use both controllers - we made the design decision to use one as we wanted a more laid-back experience overall. 

Describe it in one word.


After interviewing the creators, our PR Manager Tom was so excited he had to try it out for himself...

As soon as I put my headset on the wall of the office gave way to a shimmering multicolour portal and I felt like I could jump right into the game! The ship glided smoothly as I moved the controller and it was satisfying to move in time with the rhythm. 

Soundwave Revolution felt a real joy to play, like charting a course as if I was a pilot in space, coursing through the stars and rings having a new adventure. The use of MR makes it more immersive than a traditional video game and I would definitely recommend it to anyone, the guys really did an awesome job.

If you like what you've heard and fancy some rhythmic escapism why not download it for yourself and give it a go.

Hold onto your seats, because we're going into hyperdrive!