Introducing face tracking and Sketchfab integration in ZapWorks Studio 6

Our major new update brings Sketchfab integration and face tracking functiona...
Connell Gauld Connell Gauld
Zappar, Co-founder and CTO

Ancient History Competition Winner

The ZapWorks community wows us once again
James Wright James Wright
Zappar, Community Marketing

7 insights from the first ZapWorks meetup

Last month, we hosted the very first ZapWorks meetup for our talented communi...
Daniel Hartz Daniel Hartz
Zappar, Customer Success Manager

Using AR to improve learner success rates

Understanding how educators can leverage tech to make the learning experience...
Dave Mather Dave Mather
Zappar, Marketing Manager

How to create successful AR campaigns: Part 1

Discover the three simple ingredients to ensure your AR campaigns deliver the...
Caspar Thykier Caspar Thykier
Zappar, Co-Founder & CEO

Expanding your agency services with AR

AR is a strategic tool that can open up new moments of discovery for your cli...
Max Dawes Max Dawes
Zappar, Managing Director

Using 3D models for AR: Insights and trends from CGTrader CEO, Dalia Lasaite

With 3D already cemented as the mainstay experience of the AR world, I sat do...
Dave Mather Dave Mather
Zappar, Marketing Manager

How to film AR experiences that sell

Learn how to shoot professional-quality video that showcases the true value o...
Matt Scott Matt Scott
Zappar, In-house Videographer

How much should I charge for my AR project?

Hints, tips and best practice for pricing your AR services. This post is desi...
Dave Mather Dave Mather
Zappar, Marketing Manager

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