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Caspar Thykier

How to create successful AR campaigns: Part 1

Discover the three simple ingredients to ensure your AR campaigns deliver the best results, every time.

Max Dawes

Expanding your agency services with AR

AR is a strategic tool that can open up new moments of discovery for your client’s brands to build engagement, relevance and drive growth for their business. In this blog post, I sat down with Luca Bonzi, CEO of Viewtoo, an AR agency in Milan to d...

Dave Mather

How much should I charge for my AR project?

Hints, tips and best practice for pricing your AR services. This post is designed to give you practical advice on how to position, package and price your AR services so you can effectively market yourself or your business.

Max Dawes

6 key questions to ask your client before starting any AR project

Asking the right questions at the start of your next AR project will save you time, money and a lot of headaches further down the road, as well as form stronger, more transparent client relationships.

Paul Spittlehouse

Assembling the AR dream team

ARvengers assemble. Augmented reality offers agencies and freelancers a huge opportunity to establish their niche in what is predicted to be a $83bn industry by 2020. Putting together the right team is essential if you want to grow your capabiliti...

David Francis

How to pitch AR projects to clients

It’s happened to all of us: you sit down for a brainstorming session with a client and everyone is really excited about using augmented reality at some point in the future. But how do you turn “at some point in the future” into right now?

Chris Holton

Q&A: Being an Augmented Reality Entrepreneur

"Augmented Reality is so versatile and can be used for so many completely different things like marketing, education, art or just plain funny things like my business card with me in 3D. It offers chocolate for my wild imagination."

Max Dawes

Why agencies should focus on creating quality AR experiences

"AR is a medium, much like YouTube is for video. If you watch a few bad YouTube videos, that doesn’t mean that all video content is bad, it means the content creator did not do a great job. The same principle applies to AR"

Max Dawes

Magnetic London gets real creative with ZapWorks

We spoke with Kaan Aydogmus, founder of Magnetic London, a full-service creative agency based in London. Formed in 2011, Aydogmus and Magnetic London have worked with clients such as WWF, eHarmony and Berlitz, delivering an array of unique digital...