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Grace Vassallo

Top 10 WebAR examples of 2020

WebAR is quickly becoming the go-to delivery method for augmented reality due to its global reach and lower barrier to entry. Here are the top 10 WebAR experiences of 2020 so far.

Timmy Ghiurau

AR Innovation: Snap back to reality, here comes gravity

Volvo Cars is using Virtual and Augmented Reality to speed-up the design and production process.

Grace Vassallo

How to utilise AR this Veganuary

How AR has been and can be used as a valuable tool to promote Vegan campaigns now and in the future.

Caspar Thykier

From WebAR to wearables: The AR moments of 2019 and what’s in store for 2020

It’s our favourite time of the year here at Zappar — thinking about what the next year will bring to the augmented reality space. 2020 is already promising to be one of the most interesting years for AR yet, for both consumers and creators, and it i…

James Wright

Journey of an AR entrepreneur - Q&A with Valentin, Etiketa Interactive

Valentin, CEO of Etiketa Interactive, chats to us about his incredible journey with ZapWorks - starting in animation before starting his very own successful AR agency.

Martin Stahel

AR for sustainability and transparency

Brands are leveraging AR to share their sustainability stories at a time where transparency and a commitment to positive social and environmental causes is more important than ever to consumers.

Caspar Thykier

7 ways AR can grow your business

There's never been a better time for brands and business to leverage AR to drive growth, increase sales and engage customers.

Martin Stahel

Packaging Innovations 2019 - five things to expect from our panel

Augmented reality has the power to transform product packaging into a digital channel for incredible interactive content. We are discussing this further at our panel at Packaging Innovations 2019, but if you can’t attend, here’s the key things you n…

Caspar Thykier

The unfulfilled potential of product packaging

Exploring the capability of product packaging to deliver the greatest always-on owned media channel and user data resource you never knew you had.

Caspar Thykier

The future of AR: our 2019 trend predictions

Our expert predictions for the future of augmented reality in 2019. Last year we made a number of predictions about what could happen in the AR space during 2018 and as we wrap up the year, it’s time to take a look back and see which predictions did…