AWE 2017 round-up: Zapworks wins Auggie Award and Zapbox sells out within two hours

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AWE 2017 round-up: Zapworks wins Auggie Award and Zapbox sells out within two hours

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What an exciting past week it’s been! Not only did Zapbox sell out in its first 2 hours of being publicly available, but Zapworks has won its first major award for ‘Best Authoring or Publishing Tool at AWE 2017’.


What an exciting past week it’s been!

Last week the Zappar team were in Santa Clara for AWE 2017 (Augmented World Expo) for the global launch of Zapbox. For those of you who don't know, AWE is one of the world’s largest AR & VR events, hosting some of the biggest brands and tech start-ups in the industry.

This year was an incredible year for the Zappar team, not only did Zapbox sell out in its first 2 hours, but Zapworks won its first ever Auggie Award for ‘Best Authoring or Publishing Tool'.  

On hand was our very own Connell Gauld to accept the award (and you can check out the winning moment in the video below).



Zapworks had to fend off stiff competition from the likes of ViewAR, Augmania, ThingWorx Studio by PTC, and Worklink by ScopeAR to win the Auggie Award for Best Authoring or Publishing Tool.

Naturally, we’re all thrilled. Zapworks was created with the aim of democratising AR, VR & MR, and we’re incredibly proud to be getting industry recognition for this very reason. We also want to thank our awesome community of Zapworks users who use the tool every day to make incredible experiences - this one's for you! 


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AWE 2017 round-up

This year’s AWE was made very special for us for one simple reason, it was the first time Zapbox would be globally available to buy for the public - hooray!

For those of you who didn’t attend, here’s a quick recap...

Day 1: Thursday 31st May 8:00 AM (PT)

Zapbox arrives safely at the AWE conference centre, Santa Clara. 


(Simon and Connell looking extremely happy that their babies had arrived safely)


11:00 AM (PT): Zapbox prep for Connell’s keynote 



2:15 PM (PT): Connell Demos Zapbox to a full house 


Connell's talk went down well with praise coming from AWE attendees shortly after...



Day 2: June 1st 09:30 AM (PT) - Zapbox Press Conference

Simon announces the global launch of Zapbox in front of the world's press. 



And the reaction to Zapbox couldn't have been better...














Meanwhile...the Zapbox stand was ready to roll with 100 Zapbox's on ice. The calm before the storm...



And then, the storm came...










Until Zapbox was completely sold under two hours! 










With a few lucky attendees getting their hands on Zapbox...







12:15 PM (PT): In the Boardroom. CTO's and CMO's - and AR/VR

7:30 PM (PT):  Zapworks wins Auggie Award for ‘Best Authoring or Publishing Tool’

After the Zapbox rush had died down, our attention turned to the Auggie Awards - AWE’s annual VR & AR industry awards.





With Zapworks crowned ‘Best Authoring or Publishing Tool’ we took to the bar to celebrate...




Until next year AWE...thanks for having us!





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