This week’s blog is a guest post from our friends at Augmented World Expo. It introduces the opportunities AR offers the world but highlights the need for tools to make this a reality by empowering the content creating communities.

By: Augmented World Expo (AWE)

For the past decade we have been busy creating a digital world which has lived behind the screen of a computer. Websites, databases, and social networks have allowed us to connect, learn and play in new ways we never though was possible but we have always been once removed from this world, accessing it only through our computers. Today we are beginning to break through that screen, creating a digital layer for the physical world around us which will enhance and augment our real world experiences through augmented reality (AR).

At the center of this “augmented reality” is the growing ubiquity of portable computing options for the mainstream especially the smartphone. The mass adoption of mobile and tablet devices have equipped users with technology they can carry anywhere. This is being furthered by wearable technology, like smart glasses, which will not only continue to make access to technology portable but begins to integrate it as more of a natural extension of the human experience.

But even before the world is taken over by smart glasses, there is a need to create augmented reality content for users to explore. There is no sense in putting on glasses to see a world that doesn’t exist yet. Zappar is doing its part in creating meaningful virtual content for this new world. As leaders in AR content creation, Zappar has not only created a mobile app acting as a window to view this augmented world but has also partnered with some of the leading content creators such as Warner Bros, Universal Studios, Hasbro and Sony to bring this augmented world to life.

But Zappar knows that it’s impossible to create a whole new world alone, which is why it recently rolled out an augmented reality creator. Its online tool allows users to create and design AR experiences at any technical ability. How to author + capture + interact using augmented reality is the focus of a talk Zappar’s co-founder Connell Gauld will be giving at Augmented World Expo (AWE) June 8-10 in Santa Clara, California along with the unveiling of their much anticipated Zappar Studio tool.

Equipping users with the right tools they need to create content on their own has proven successful in the past. Website creation software, for example, was a big part of the growth of the Internet. AR tools, like that from Zappar, will help foster the creation of the next generation of content for the brave new world beyond the screen. And we can’t wait to see it all unfold.

This post was written by Augmented World Expo (AWE). AWE 2015 takes place June 8-10 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in California. The largest of its kind, AWE brings together over 3,000+ professionals and 200 participating companies to showcase augmented and virtual reality, wearable technology and the Internet of Things.

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