Our latest team member on how Zappar can add value to corporate events

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Our latest team member on how Zappar can add value to corporate events

Blog Author
It seems as if the Zappar family has been growing every week of late. Steven, our newest recruit, is focussing his efforts on unlocking the potential of zapcodes within the conferences and events space. This blog is an intro to him and this exciting opportunity for our augmented reality solution.

Steven Spong, Conferences & Events, Zappar

As smartphones continue to infiltrate society, it is no surprise that interest in new technologies like augmented reality (AR) is growing, not least in corporate events. In this blog I’ll take you through some of our favourite examples. But, before I get into that, I’d like to take this opportunity to quickly introduce myself; my name’s Steven and I’m one of the newest members of Team Zappar. I come from an events background and my role will be to explore the exciting possibilities of using the Zappar technology within events.

We have come a long way in the world of corporate events; no longer do printed leaflets and pamphlets impress. To achieve cut through, companies are now looking to invest in engaging marketing assets, which can be used away from the show floor to get the greatest return on investment. Thanks to developments in AR technology, there is a lot of value that can be added by integrating zapcodes, and encouraging engagement with brands. Some of the top ways that Zappar can benefit both delegates and brands are:

  1. The Zappar integration can ensure high levels of interaction from delegates, through ‘surprise and delight’ elements, such as competitions and challenges
  2. The entire event can be transformed into a canvas for interactive content
  3. Zappar collates data in a meaningful way – we are able to improve data capture from both a delegator and organiser perspective

But, all of this is much easier to explain through examples of how it’s been used in practice…

Collinson Media  
Collinson Media is a wonderful case study of AR adding another dimension to an otherwise regular event. They used our Zapcode Creator tool to inject a healthy dose of Zappar magic into Connect Marketplace across event signage and in their magazine, enabling them to reduce print collateral and improve delegate engagement.  Mindy from Collinson Media explains how simple the process was, “the Zapcode Creator is really easy to use, you just drag and drop the content!”  

To see for yourself, simply zap the image below with our app:

That’s not the only way that zapcodes can be used in events; our unique AR platform can turn any touchpoint into a multi-media portal. With AR, it’s now easy to turn the business of meeting the right people and remembering the right product into a fun, memorable and – perhaps most importantly – engaging experience. This is exactly what SyneCore did with their Minbound challenge…

For the ‘MINBOUND CHALLENGE’ , SyneCore printed a personalised zapcode on all attendee badges, which, once zapped, brought attendees to a specially designed landing page of a competition. The page contained information about the 10 sub-challenges of the competition and outlined the rules and prizes. Results showed that of the total attendees, one third downloaded the app and actively participated, with the top prize winner tweeting over 70 times! It is important that the delegates want to engage – if it is fun for them, then they are more likely to take part and in turn, are more likely to remember your brand.

But that’s not it…
Zapcodes have been used in countless other high-profile events where the use of AR facilitated more fun and memorable networking, which in turn resulted in fun, fast and easy lead retrieval – such as at the Coca-Cola Leadership conference in Athens. There’s not time to name all the examples now, but we anticipate that Zappar’s integration within event apps will allow for the best delegate experience and greatest benefit to attendees, exhibitors and organisers as well as app companies. Have a try for yourself with our self-serve Zapcode Creator, or get in touch here for a more tailor-made solution from the Zappar team.

p.s. Here’s my business card (it’s zappable naturally). Give it a zap! Hopefully you’ll agree it’s a great example of combining networking/ lead generation with fun on mobile.