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Grace Vassallo

All-new ZapBox: off to an exciting start

We’ve had an exciting start to the campaign so far, we’ve passed the 350 mark for backers, and are closing in on 50% funded.

Grace Vassallo

Introducing all-new ZapBox: now on Kickstarter

All-new ZapBox will enable content creators and developers to build truly immersive, 6-DoF Mixed Reality (MR) and Virtual Reality (VR) experiences at an unrivalled price point of just $40,

Grace Vassallo

Month in AR - September 2020

September has been a great month for us here at Zappar as well as for our ZapWorks community and we are delighted to be showcasing everything from sporting giants to virtual zoos this month. Not to mention a special shout out to our first piece of X…

Kamala Sankaram

Why XR and the performing arts are made for each other

Historically, theater and opera have long been early adopters of technology, pioneering technical feats in stagecraft including lighting, moving sets, and even holographic effects like the Pepper’s Ghost. Indeed, the orchestra itself can be consider…

Grace Vassallo

Month in AR - August 2020

This month in AR we have helped fans to celebrate a long-awaited Premier League win, had fun collecting bugs and launched our Unity SDK.

Grace Vassallo

Download Zappar's 2020 Guide to WebAR

A practical guide to delivering world-class WebAR campaigns, including key industry insights and practical UX considerations.

Grace Vassallo

Top 10 WebAR examples of 2020

WebAR is quickly becoming the go-to delivery method for augmented reality due to its global reach and lower barrier to entry. Here are the top 10 WebAR experiences of 2020 so far.

Timmy Ghiurau

AR Innovation: Snap back to reality, here comes gravity

Volvo Cars is using Virtual and Augmented Reality to speed-up the design and production process.

Grace Vassallo

Universal AR for Unity SDK with developer Jordan Campbell

Last week we were excited to announce the release of our Universal AR for Unity SDK, offering Unity developers the ability to use Zappar’s leading image, face, and instant world tracking APIs within one of the world’s most popular game engines.

Grace Vassallo

Month in AR - July 2020

July has been another busy month for the team here at Zappar and for our talented ZapWorks community, we have celebrated cartoon greats both old and new and seen some fantastic AR use cases from healthy living to tourism.