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Caspar Thykier

Eco-Friendly Businesses Are Using Augmented Reality, Here’s Why...

In an age where consumers are holding businesses to a higher standard of environmental consciousness, we unpack how AR is giving big business the tools they need to become eco-conscious and successful.

Daniel Hartz

5 Things we learned from DevLearn 2019

Fresh from a busy week at DevLearn 2019 (one of the biggest learning, training and development conferences in the world) I wanted to reflect on my time in Las Vegas and share my learnings with the ZapWorks community on how L&D professionals can be...

Dave Mather

ZapWorks X Sipsmith competition - we have a winner!

It's been a long time coming, but we finally have a winner of our ZapWorks x Sipsmith competition, taking home a cool £10,000 in cash and a national AR campaign.

James Wright

Journey of an AR entrepreneur - Q&A with Valentin, Etiketa Interactive

Valentin, CEO of Etiketa Interactive, chats to us about his incredible journey with ZapWorks - starting in animation before starting his very own successful AR agency.

Martin Stahel

AR for sustainability and transparency

Brands are leveraging AR to share their sustainability stories at a time where transparency and a commitment to positive social and environmental causes is more important than ever to consumers.

Dave Mather

ZapWorks X Sipsmith competition - expert judging begins

We teamed up with iconic gin crafters, Sipsmith, to challenge the AR creative community to make a truly incredible connected packaging experience.

James Wright

How AR is giving visibility to hidden voices - John Morrison & The Verbatim Formula

AR is being leveraged to highlight hidden voices and create a new frontier in interactive storytelling. Using ZapWorks Studio - our complete AR creative toolkit - creators are merging audio testimony and 3D models to create immersive experiences t...

James Wright

How AR is changing the art world

Talented creatives are turning to AR to create fascinating new experiences in galleries, museums and educational spaces all over the world. Blurring the line between visitor and participant, these immersive experiences are transforming the way we ...

Martin Stahel

Zappar X Packaging Europe - the power of connected packaging

If there was ever further evidence needed of connected packaging hitting the mainstream, it’s our collaboration with Packaging Europe. As the leading voice in the packaging industry, they’ve partnered with us and the AIPIA to pack their latest mag...

Caspar Thykier

7 ways AR can grow your business

There's never been a better time for brands and business to leverage AR to drive growth, increase sales and engage customers.