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Debbie Richards

Preparing your company for an immersive learning program

If you are thinking of piloting an AR project in your organization, it is especially important—given new and emerging technologies—to identify a good use case for AR and conduct a small pilot in the organization. Some examples include:

Grace Vassallo

Month in AR - April 2020

This month we celebrate the work that has been created to help during these challenging times.

Grace Vassallo

Five tips for learning AR with Studio

This is where ZapWorks is here to help. Studio is our most powerful and versatile content creation tool. It supports 3D models, custom animations, as well as a variety of tracking types and it’s surprisingly simple to learn.

Grace Vassallo

Leveraging AR in a remote world

As the world starts to operate more remotely than ever before now is the time to consider how new technologies like AR can be used to support your business through these extraordinary times.

Grace Vassallo

Free augmented reality workbooks for remote learning

One member of our ZapWorks’ community, Stone Oak Media, was determined to help educators, parents, schools, and communities face the challenges of COVID-19 by helping them educate and entertain the young.

Grace Vassallo

A Month in AR - March 2020

From brand engagement to our WebAR breakfast, this Month in AR has definitely been busy, and with creatives from all backgrounds working remotely, now more than ever we want to let you know that we’re here to support and champion all the amazing w...

Christie Clark

How to integrate AR into your emails

Everyone does email, but not everyone does it well so how can you turn a good email into a great email? By utilizing AR.

Grace Vassallo

Happy International Women's Day

Meet the women of Zappar.

Grace Vassallo

A Month in AR - February 2020

This month we have everything from kiss cams to medical mixed reality experiences, with a handful of retail, sports and social AR campaigns in between.

Grace Vassallo

In Conversation with the Creators of Soundwave Revolution

If you like what you've heard and fancy some rhythmic escapism why not download it for yourself and give it a go.