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Taylor Revert

Decentralising the AR Cloud with Jan-Erik Vinje

Caspar Thykier, is joined by Jan-Erik Vinje the Managing Director of the Open AR Cloud Association, whose mission is to drive the development of open and interoperable AR Cloud technology, data and standards to connect the physical and digital world…

Caspar Thykier

How AR can be used to enhance Brand Character

Brand Characters are a natural extension of a brand, it’s promise and the values it bestows upon customers and there are several ways in which AR can be used to enhance them..

Taylor Revert

Disrupting the training space with Immerse’s Tom Symonds

Discover how Tom Symonds the CEO at Immerse, an immersive training platform has led the way in revolutionising the learning, training and development space with Virtual Reality.

Taylor Revert

Month in AR - October 2021

This October, we have covered everything from gaming to anti-aging cream, as well as showcasing some awesome connected packaging examples from our Creative Studio team and ZapWorks partners.

Taylor Revert

The future of spatial computing with Qualcomm’s Patrick Costello

Caspar Thykier, is joined by Patrick Costello the Senior Director for Business Development at Qualcomm

Taylor Revert

Turning the physical-digital with EVRYTHNG’s Judy Moon

Caspar Thykier, is joined by Judy Moon, VP Sales, Americas and Asia, EVRYTHNG.

Caspar Thykier

How to succeed with Augmented Reality - upgrade from novelty to strategy

AR is no longer a novelty, but a powerful tool, that when incorporated into your business strategy can help to drive sales, increase engagement and maximise budgets.

Taylor Revert

Driving 9x more engagement with AR - John Cassy, Factory 42

In this episode of our 10x10 Sessions, Zappar CEO and Co-Founder, Caspar Thykier, is joined by John Cassy, the CEO and Founder of Factory 42.

Chris Holton

Meet the new ZapWorks Designer – our commitment to no-code WebAR

Today we are delighted to announce the launch of the new and improved ZapWorks Designer.

Taylor Revert

Insights into the AR industry with Arcade’s Jon Meggitt

This week, Zappar CEO and Co-Founder, Caspar Thykier, is joined by Jon Meggitt the CEO, and one of the co-founders at Arcade.