How to optimize AR for better UX

Our latest blog explores how AR creatives can optimize their experiences to w...
Dave Mather Dave Mather
Zappar, Marketing Manager

Packaging Innovations 2019 - five things to expect from our panel

Augmented reality has the power to transform product packaging into a digital...
Martin Stahel Martin Stahel
Zappar, Sales Director

Zappar celebrated as part of Fast Company's 'World's Most Innovative Companies' awards

Zappar has been awarded a place in this year’s prestigious Fast Company World...
Caspar Thykier Caspar Thykier
Zappar, Co-Founder & CEO

The five layers of the AR ecosystem

We examine the AR landscape for 2019 and how brands and creatives alike can l...
Caspar Thykier Caspar Thykier
Zappar, Co-Founder & CEO

Introducing face tracking and Sketchfab integration in ZapWorks Studio 6

Our major new update brings Sketchfab integration and face tracking functiona...
Connell Gauld Connell Gauld
Zappar, Co-founder and CTO

How to make your video content work harder with AR

A best practice guide for using augmented reality video. Our latest blog expl...
James Wright James Wright
Zappar, Community Marketing

Designing intuitive UI/UX for AR

User-centric design is a crucial part of the AR design process. This blog dra...
Lucas Perez Lucas Perez
Zappar, Creative Director
Insights for Agencies

The unfulfilled potential of product packaging

Exploring the capability of product packaging to deliver the greatest always-...
Caspar Thykier Caspar Thykier
Zappar, Co-Founder & CEO

Enhancing the retail experience with augmented reality

Looking to the future of physical retail with AR. Brick and mortar stores are...
Max Dawes Max Dawes
Zappar, Managing Director

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