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The Possibilities and Pitfalls of AR in Publishing

So that was The London Book Fair 2014. What a fantastic show. We were kindly invited to talk at the event on the role of AR in publishing.

Asda continue their partnership with Zappar for the latest Augmented Reality in-store event

Zappar, the leaders in Augmented Reality (AR)-enabled products and entertainment experiences, has teamed up with Asda for The Easter Adventure Hunt. Asda shoppers will be treated to an in-store game where they are challenged to find the 3 Easter fri…

Overcome writers block with our new Zappar Inspiration Showcase

Ever sat staring at a blank screen, cursor flicking expectantly for you to write something... anything!?

South Africa – the land of (mobile) opportunity

Last week we had the distinct pleasure of launching Zappar in South Africa with our fantastic Authorised Reseller Partner - Integrat Mobile: and boy did they put on a show.

Sport Relief launch revolutionary Augmented Reality direct mail campaign with Zappar

Sport Relief have enlisted the help of augmented reality app Zappar, to bring to life their direct mail campaign with a sprinkling of AR magic. Over one million mailshots will be delivered to homes across London, Glasgow, Cardiff and Manchester, cou…

Why we don’t talk about “Augmented Reality”...

Let's face it; Augmented Reality isn't the most comfortable combination of words. It sounds like something from Weird Science...

"Today, there's no company that can join ad campaigns from TV and radio to in-store promotions. The company that does this will be very valuable."

- Andrew Fisher, Shazam Executive Chairman interviewed in The Sunday Times Business 12/01/14

The beauty of the Zapcode Creator widget code

So first off what is a Zapcode Creator widget code? Well it’s a little digital bundle of goodness. A personal code that anyone can create for free that is like their own interactive multi-media showcase in a super bite-sized format.

To Zap or not to Zap, that is the question.

So here’s the thing. The world doesn’t need AR. There, I said it.

One Day, One Direction, well over One million Zaps and a new milestone for the AR history books

Let’s be honest it was a pretty ambitious and audacious plan all round from Sony Music; a 7 hour live broadcast hosted by the boys from One Direction and special celebrity guests live from Google Studios in LA. If that wasn’t enough there were Googl…