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To Russia with Zaps

A whirlwind trip to deliver the keynote at the AR Conference in Moscow.

Zappar for magazines: part two

Last week, we discussed the current landscape for the magazine industry, and asked if AR could bring anything to the table. The short answer? Yes it can.

Zappar for magazines: part one

How AR offers a digital and mobile solution to enhance, rather than erode, physical sales.

Google Glass, Magic Leap and the ideal AR wearable display

Last week the AR world was surprised to learn of the $542 million investment into Magic Leap. Zappar's Research Director, Dr. Simon Taylor, considers the hardware challenges that must be overcome to create an ideal AR wearable display and the kind...

October Zap of the Month

Remember X Factor finalist Luke Friend? He's about to release with debut single and is on tour this month with The Vamps.

Magic Leap

Google et al go large on Augmented Reality (or what we’re now calling Cinematic Reality apparently) with $542 million investment in Magic Leap.

September Zap of the Month

Every month we pick our favourite zap that has been made by one of the users of the Zapcode Creator, our self-service augmented reality platform.

App-tivated products and integrated play with zapcodes

Gone are the days when playtime consisted of a bat and ball or doll and make believe. We've gone truly digital with children as young as two years old finding the interface on an iPhone easier to navigate then a flip-flap book. Indeed the thought ...

Life through a lens

Part of the issue facing mass adoption of augmented reality ("AR") is that to most people it feels like a technology solution searching for a problem. That's not surprising really as much of the discourse from the industry itself has been about th...

The Joy of Zappar

Brand Republic's Expert Report on the Joy of Tech in association with 2CV has just come out. Its main thesis is how the consumer relationship with technology is moving beyond the rational and into the emotional.