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Max Dawes

Guest blog: Creating an entirely new world with augmented reality.

This week’s blog is a guest post from our friends at Augmented World Expo. It introduces the opportunities AR offers the world but highlights the need for tools to make this a reality by empowering the content creating communities.

Caspar Thykier

The story behind the story: The crazy tale of how the Secret Treasure of Takha Paka came about

The great thing about working at Zappar is no two days are the same and you never know what’s going to turn up in our contact@zappar.com inbox from around the world.

Max Dawes

Augmented reality: another string to the architects bow

Imagine being able to able to explore London's newest skyscraper in the palm of your hand, before its foundations have even been laid. Or to virtually explore the kitchen of your new home before you've bought it.

Max Dawes

Three ways we’ve learnt augmented reality can work for publishers

The Zappar team has spent this week at the London Book Fair – one of the largest publishing industry get-togethers in the world – talking to publishers and authors about how augmented reality and publishing can work together.

Dr. Simon Taylor

Introducing Zappar Cardboard at the Wearable Technology Show 2015

At the Wearable Technology Show in London last week, Dr. Simon Taylor (co-founder and Research Director at Zappar) presented a talk with his personal take on the requirements for AR wearables for consumers. Simon also showed a live demo of some re...

Jeremy Yates

Unwrapping packaging with augmented reality

Zappar Sales Manager, Jeremy Yates, pens his first blog on the use of augmented reality on packaging and the opportunity it offers to a whole host a industries.

Caspar Thykier

Zappar hotseat: Caspar Thykier

Ever wondered what makes the Zappar team tick? In our new hotseat series we profile the personalities behind the team. In the hotseat this week is our CEO Caspar, chatting all things business, butterflies and bad table manners…

Max Dawes

Zappar on The Tonight Show Staring Jimmy Fallon

Hollywood legend Carl Reiner demos his new Zappar Powered book on hit US TV show.

Dr. Simon Taylor

Microsoft HoloLens: One Step Closer To The Ideal AR Wearable Display

Following the exciting HoloLens announcement from Microsoft yesterday, Dr Simon Taylor takes a look at what it all means.

Caspar Thykier

Pioneering AR in the classroom

Whether we like it or not as parents, children are growing up in an increasingly connected world where the discovery, presentation and dissemination of information are fast becoming fundamental life skills. As technology continues to transform the...