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September Zap of the Month

Every month we pick our favourite zap that has been made by one of the users of the Zapcode Creator, our self-service augmented reality platform.

App-tivated products and integrated play with zapcodes

Gone are the days when playtime consisted of a bat and ball or doll and make believe. We've gone truly digital with children as young as two years old finding the interface on an iPhone easier to navigate then a flip-flap book. Indeed the thought ...

Life through a lens

Part of the issue facing mass adoption of augmented reality ("AR") is that to most people it feels like a technology solution searching for a problem. That's not surprising really as much of the discourse from the industry itself has been about th...

The Joy of Zappar

Brand Republic's Expert Report on the Joy of Tech in association with 2CV has just come out. Its main thesis is how the consumer relationship with technology is moving beyond the rational and into the emotional.

The best value augmented reality platform by a country mile*

The scores are in and we can safely say that Zappar tops the list of best value augmented reality services by some distance. Clearly we used some very rigorous techniques to make it a fair race and brought in a completely impartial adjudicator – w...

Skylanders SWAP Force Official Guide gets Zappar Powered in collaboration with Penguin Children’s Books

...it sort of writes itself this one. First off Skylanders is just a great brand and product for augmented reality given the premise of bringing physical characters to life in their digital universe.

Why it’s time for Augmented Reality to come of age and how we’re redefining the AR space for the mass-market

In the last four months we've attended conferences, launch events and opened up Authorised Reseller programs in Mexico, Turkey, US, Israel, South Africa, Brazil, Panama, Hong Kong and now China at the global Augmented Reality Summit in Shanghai wh...

The Possibilities and Pitfalls of AR in Publishing

So that was The London Book Fair 2014. What a fantastic show. We were kindly invited to talk at the event on the role of AR in publishing.

Asda continue their partnership with Zappar for the latest Augmented Reality in-store event

Zappar, the leaders in Augmented Reality (AR)-enabled products and entertainment experiences, has teamed up with Asda for The Easter Adventure Hunt. Asda shoppers will be treated to an in-store game where they are challenged to find the 3 Easter f...

Overcome writers block with our new Zappar Inspiration Showcase

Ever sat staring at a blank screen, cursor flicking expectantly for you to write something... anything!?