2016: What a year!

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2016: What a year!

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A quick look back on the year MMXVI.

As the working year comes to an end and we all get ready to start eating mince pies (a strange sounding and strange tasting British Christmas pastry) here’s a very quick blog post looking back on the year that was 2016. Don’t worry… no mention of Brexit or Trump (but maybe a ‘Drake sitting on things’ meme just to round it off).

In 2016 we…

Launched ZapWorks (hurray!)

After much love and muchos hours of development we unleashed ZapWorks on the world as part of our mission to democratise AR and VR so anyone can produce content for this new creative canvas.

The community of creators is growing all the time and we can’t wait to see how the recently announced new features (including streaming MP4 and HLS video) go down and what amazing content you all build in 2017 #morenewfeaturescomingsoon

Inspired the next generation of STEM innovators

Our partnership with Instructure saw us launch a MOOC on the Canvas Network. MOOCs are online courses for people to grasp a subject in their own time. They rock.

Our MOOC was all around the water cycle and showed how augmented reality can be a powerful tool for learning and for bringing to life STEM subjects.

One billion BirdCodes! (Dr. Evil style pinkie to side of mouth)

That’s right. Together with our friends at Rovio we powered the largest ever augmented reality campaign across hundreds of countries with brands including McDonald’s, LEGO, Walmart and PEZ.

You can see more here.

Smashed our Kickstarter goal for ZapBox by 280%

1,854 wonderful people backed ZapBox on Kickstarter and are the driving force that we’ll work with to democratise mixed reality (like we’re democratising AR and VR). Lots of lovely journalists also like the look of ZapBox and said nice things such as: “ZapBox rivals Magic Leap and Hololens but at a fraction of the cost”.

And… we’re up and running with an office in Sydney (London - San Francisco - Sydney, fancy!), we’ve welcomed many many new faces to Team Zap, we’ve delivered hundreds of campaigns for our partners and had an awesome time doing it :)

Here’s a video that sums it all up:

Now, enough about us, here’s a picture of Drake sitting on Simba: