Like AR, Mixed Reality adds simulated content to the world around you.

Many in the industry use the term to refer to experiences where the computer-rendered content is tracked to the environment, and viewed in an immersive manner, such as with a head-mounted display. The display allows the viewer to see both the physical world and the virtual content at the same time. In this light, MR is a subset of AR, albeit with more immersion than is typical of handheld AR.

A New Digital Landscape

Mixed Reality reveals a whole new physical dimension of digital content overlaid on our real world environment. Its an entirely new medium, and so comes with a new set of challenges and opportunities for content creators and end-users alike. At Zappar we build hardware, computer vision software, and creative tools.

Introducing ZapBox

ZapBox is our super-affordable Mixed Reality headset. But just because it doesn’t cost a bomb doesn’t mean we have to compromise on quality of user experience. Thanks to the app’s world class computer vision technology, ZapBox:

Tracks your real world environment using a combination of marker tracking and visual odometry techniques.

Lets you interact with content using two cardboard controllers - both tracked in full 3D and with physical triggers.

Gives you a natural view of your world, thanks to the wide-angle lens included in the box.

Transforming your business with ZapBox

ZapBox is the first affordable, Mixed Reality kit that allows developers and businesses to reimagine how they design, build and create experiences. Try it now